5 Secrets to Leverage on Outsourcing to Scale Your Company

Tap into the expertise of your outsourced service provider offers that your business lacks.

One of the main reasons why companies outsource work is to reduce costs and go to market faster.


When you hire an outsourced team, you don’t have to invest in training and setup costs.

Outsourced teams usually consist of large pool of talents and skilled professionals with the right equipment to expertly handle your work. The infrastructure is well set up to cater small to large volume of requests. It is the fastest way for you to gain access to expertise that would have been too costly in time and money to gain on your own.

Outsource the repetitive and time consuming work.

Growing business involves alot of repetitive and time consuming work. Sometimes, it also require skills and talents that are not in your expert domain. By outsourcing these, your employees can dedicate their time and energy to higher order tasks like strategizing and planning. On top of that, you can rely on their expertise on the particular domain.

It is always wise to free up the internal resources and focus on the core efforts that bring revenue to the business and scale your business to another level.

Would you rather have your team to spend hours of their time on the administrative work or focus on all the key activities to improve company growth and improve team collaborations?

Not only are you getting the best use of their capabilities but also improving the morale and the growth of the in house talents.

Gain instant Scale in an area of your business that would be costly or difficult to expand quickly.

The most challenging time in business is not starting up but is scaling up. It involves a lot of planning and strategising. When your business starts to grow, there are a lot of additional costs that you need to allocate for such as :

  • Hiring more employees which takes up time and money
  • Training and coaching to ensure the new teams are up to speed
  • Investment in system tools for reporting and analysis purpose
  • Larger space in office to cater for the expanded team
  • More equipment such as computers, laptops, phones and other equipment

When you outsource the work, you don’t have to bear the cost and the outsourcing company will normally provide all these as part of their solution. This way, you can continue to scale without a huge upfront investment.

Leapfrog all the development / hiring costs and trial-and-error learning that the outsourced service provider had to go through to build the solution.

If you have initiatives for short campaign or you need to test the market with a new product, it is time consuming and takes up alot of effort to build a team to achieve this objective. It may not be ideal to set up the own team for a short and one off campaign. The efficient and scalable way to execute this is to outsource the work so that the team will be built to cater for these needs. Once the objective is met, you will have more insights to strategize on the next course of action.

While we are at it, it's worthy to note that as your number of employees grows, you'll be obligated to provide benefits, such as leave credits, health insurance, and the like. When you outsource the project, these concerns are out of your hands and they become your agency's responsibility.

You won't have to worry about maintaining your workforce during holidays, which might affect your sales targets and other business objectives. This also frees up HR's time as they won't have to worry about managing your outsourced human resource.

Operating Your Business Running 24/7.

In today's business, operating 24/7 is becoming a trend for business that cater for different users in different time zone. In order to keep your business operating around the clock, tons of money is going to be needed to maintain in house employees.

So how does outsourcing help you?

Outsourcing can help you easily keep your business running around the clock without you being involved and running the operation yourself.

This can help you maintain 24×7 service channels to cater to clients and customers around the clock.