Account Manager

Job Descriptions

Establish and maintain a professional relationship with clients.
Coordinate with various teams so that the customer’s expectations are met.
Continue their assessment of a client’s needs and business objectives.
Help develop initiatives to increase customer satisfaction and retention.
Assist all teams to meet financial targets and growth objectives.
Help management with company-wide strategic planning.
Upsell a company’s services and solutions.
Manage a client’s projects from beginning to end.
Take a client’s requirements and assist with plans to meet those requirements.

Job Requirements

Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Work well under pressure and commit to deadlines.
Have excellent people skills and are intuitive to customers’ business needs.
Be well-groomed and presentable.
Calmly deal with customer complaints and issues.
The ability to work independently and within a team.
Good PC and software skills.
Basic IT and/or technical knowledge.