Contact Center Outsourcing Checklist

Contact center outsourcing needs to consider the capability, capacity of the outsourced contact center service provider.  And you will need to consider what contact services or business process you want to outsource.

The contact center is a multifaceted customer service and customer care operations.  Your customer experience and customer satisfaction is a core metric of your organization.  You will need to be assured that the contact call center outsourcing companies have this as a core competency to offer high-quality contact call center services.

The benefits of contact center outsourcing

The primary benefit of outsourcing the contact center is:

Reduced cost of call center operations and the training of contact center agents.
Dedicated and well trained blended or hybrid contact center agents as this is a core competency of the outsourcing service company.
Focused customer support and support services per a master supply agreement (MSA) or contract with the outsourcing company.
Contact center technology managed by the experts in the field.
Taking social media out of the office to be managed by dedicated personnel with years of experience in multiplatform customer engagement.
How does contact center outsourcing work

By outsourcing the contact center work, the in-house call center for inbound and outbound communications will be managed to a KPI by the outsourcing company. The following needs to be done for the outsourcing work to be successful:

A non-disclosure agreement will need to be signed between both parties.
Company social media accounts need to be opened up to the contact center to manage customer engagement.
An escalation path from the contact center to your in-house team to manage issues needs to be established. An L1, L2 and L3 protocol needs to be set up and supervised.
Your in-house helpdesk software data needs to be extended to the outsourced company. They will need to establish the mean time to respond (MTTR), service level agreements (SLA) jointly with you and the kind of resources that will require to be needed for this.
A knowledge base of frequently asked questions (FAQs) will need to be established, along with call scripts for each identified scenario where possible. This is to ensure that your customer’s experience will be good, meeting your expectations.
Selection of contact center agents to be open or determined by you.
There are many more details that will need to be ironed out between you and the outsourcing company.
Do bear in mind that the processes involved, if not carefully managed, can potentially delay the implementation process. Cooperation and trust in the expertise of the outsourced company is vital in moving things forward.
How to get started on this?

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