Contact Center Solutions Checklist

A contact center is a customer engagement center. It is the focal point for all communications platforms to be managed centrally, across multiple channels in real time. A call center handles mainly voice calls. Inbound and outbound. A contact center does that too. And does more, by managing instant messages, text messages, social media messages such as tweets and emails. It also can manage and monitor chatbots, virtual agents and social media mentions.

Contact center solutions and services

A contact center offers the following solutions and services:

Manage customer experience across all voice, data and web channels.
Provides a hybrid or blended contact call center agents who are trained in how to use all these platforms.
Contact center software that can integrate with client software for advanced contact center tasks such as telemarketing, inbound calls, outbound calls, customer support, and customer service.
Virtual call center services to enable client agents to manage customer interactions.
Provide cloud-based solutions for customer communications, like cloud contact centers to enable virtual call centers or even enterprise contact centers.
Provide an interactive voice response IVR system for self-service or filtering.
Enable various channels of communications for a successful multichannel contact center approach.
Contact center benefits

Though more expensive than a standard call center, this solution gives enterprises a method to tap into their customer's favorite mode of communication. This could be a generational thing, or a matter of habit or based on the platform the engagement is happening on. The B2C or B2B customers will want to engage in various ways:

Email via a web form on a website or landing page or direct email enquiry.
A phone call from an office phone or mobile.
VOIP call from Whatsapp, Skype or Hangouts.
Text messaging such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Slack, Skype, Hangouts and more.
Tweets with hashtags or direct messages (DM).

This enables you to get the fullest range of customer interactions. And you will know which platforms your customers are on. For future direct marketing or support actions. Wingo Starr Group knows how to get this done. Contact us for details.

How to get details of this solution

Wingo Starr Group is a leading provider of customer communications solutions for inbound and outbound customer engagement. Contact us to get the details on how to set up your contact center.