Energy & Utilities

Wingo Starr Group Cronology

Energy & Utilities

Cost Effective Customer Life-Cycle Management



Improved workforce management

Robust billing & integration with back-end billing systems & SMS system

Improve insight & real-time visibility into IVR data


Ease of access & timely & accurate dissemination of information

Reduction in customer complaint as customer were better inform with region specific details

Improved effectiveness & timeline of outage- recording

Increment of workforce productivity and Retention

Consistency & clarify in content & delivery of recorded messages

The Client

Our Client is well-known brand name in Malaysia utilities Industry. They build, own & maintain a combination fiber & electricity assets.

Innovating infrastructure solutions is one of our clients special services who also support the vital daily to millions of Malaysians.

Business Challenges

Our primary obstacle was the energy commission is unsatisfied with our clients response over complaints from consumer who say have been slapped with higher that normal bills and technical errors.Violation of such directives attract fines of up RM 10 ,000 for each cases based on the percentages. Government audits included technical , billing, back office transactions and time frames. So,we were to become an outsourcing partner for our clients and help them meet and exceed the regulatory KPIs. Improving customer experience was one of the main motives too.

Our Solution

We referred to the best practices & solutions we had offered other clients with similar issues. With proven results from past experience, we offered the following solutions:


Our billing team assist to manage the processes of account, maintenance, account investigations & dispute. They were also responsible to kept clients informed & dispute resolutions

Business Service Desk

Equipped with a team split a call centre & key account centre. The key account centre managed B2B inquiries & service-order processing, primarily from utility retailsers.

24 X 7 Call Centre
  • Wingo Starr Group served as the first point of contact for utility customer facing outage,billing, account & emergency conditions.
  • We create a data analysis & plan that helped to cater high call volume triggered by extreme weather condition.
  • We create a capable connected team to create ticketing to external contractors with easy access to and metter readers resolutions.
  • A provision for 20 additional connected team were made available for any assistant when necessary.
SMS System Back-End Billing System
  • We integrated our clients back-end billing system to our dialer system & published it in our agents computer.
  • Together, we build up an inbound text messaging system to disperse real time important information during important occasion.
Connected Team Training

Our training is conducted in an environment where our trainers introduced new members to their roles, specified training, monthly enhancement and 1 to 1 approach.

Better Insight & Improvement in IVR

To ensure the outage in extreme weather, we developed a custom IVR that provides prerecorded annoucement during ourtages, area of effect, time frame of recover and etc

WSG Services

Responsible for service commitments & daily operations that the organization provides for its customers

Customer & Business Call Centre Services, including key account & connect team with a 24 hours 7 days call centre for billing, accounts, outages & emergencies.

Ticketing & Resolutions Services coordinating with the external contractor

Key Result & Benefits

Audited results shows a drastic of improvement in workflows and manpower management. That served the primary purpose to achieve the compliances from Energy Commission.

The Improved Outcome

Improved workforce management & speech level.

Reduced dropped call & improve service levels.

Improved effectiveness & timeliness of billing resolutions & outages issue.

Reduced expenses issue resolution time.

Consistency & clarity in content & deivery of recorded message.