Wingo Starr Group Cronology


Coffee Chain Giants Enriching High Customer Satisfaction Levels



Ensure availability of complete inbound & outbound customer service during working hours

Develop IVR welcome service inquiry segment

Ensure inbound customer services, product inquiry and troubleshooting

Facilitate end to end repairing service from set the appointment to assign technician on site


Cost saving up to 80 %

Reducing average handling time

Seamless process flow of onsite technician to fix/ repair customer

Ease of access and timely and accurate disseminate of information

Provide high quality training to customer service representative

Seamless workforce following the custom-made workflow

The Client

Our client is a well-known in coffee chain in the world – 5000 location and estimate of 10,0000gourmet coffee bar. Among of the client main competitor is Starbuck and Coffee Bean. The client invented the world’s first ever self-service gourmet coffee bar with great quality coffee even more accessible to consumers consume throughout the world. Hence, the client wants a seamless one contact centre where the parties able to get quick resolution. The aim was to provide customer and vendors good service and reputable brand. They wanted to stand by their commitment and prioritiesin delivering quick good coffee for the customer

Business Challenges

  • Our client is one of the largest competitors in coffee chain industries in South East Asia compared with other reputable coffee brand.
  • They want our support in building a robust and enrichment of customer service experience.
  • Their objective to become the number one of coffee brand in South East Asia and in the world.
  • Reduce operation cost – workflow , high operation, no customer agent and talent andtroubleshot to parties
  • To put our client businesses at par with other competitor, the key challenge was to build the workflow and hiring the right people with suitable skill sets

Our Solution

After studying our client’s ecosystem and assessing the specific exigencies of the client’s business, we planned customer processes. Our knowledge of analytics and training modules assist us in the Customer Life-cycle Management support for the client’s onsite technician services. The solutions that were tailored were:

Top-Notch Training Modules
  • Develop & provides a library knowledge in our portal to ease our connected team.
  • Equipped our connected in an environment where our trainers introduce new members to their roles, specified training, monthly skills enhancement and 1 to 1 approach
24 hours / 7 days call centre
  • Wingo Starr Group service as the 1st point of contact for customer/ vendor facing any coffee machine issue.
  • We create data analysis & plan that helped to cater call volumes during any promotional campaign.
  • A provision for sufficient manpower ready to support and available for any assistance when necessary.
Workflow Perfections
  • Being aware of and adaption to the client’s needs in a fast pace growing industry environment
  • IVR design to divert specific inquiries to right solutions
  • Initiating Live Chat to increase the productivity
  • Facilitating spike live calls
  • Initiating voicemail facilities afteroperation hours
Onboarding Solutions
  • We provide the client with our connected team with multilingual abilities that included English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay. Our Flexibility of
  • Manpower is proficient in multi-channel (voice, e-mail, chat and SMS) communication and languages catered to diverse customers.
  • Launching on boarding process to facilities new account holders.
  • Sourcing and handling technician on site to ensure vendor machine is fix with satisfactory.
  • Comprehensive pre and post installation.

WSG Services

Responsible for service commitments and daily operation that client provides for its customers

Customer and business call centre services, including key account and connect team with a 24 hours 7 days call centre for customer & vendor inquiries and technician appointment

Ticketing and resolution service coordinating with the on-site technician.

Key Result & Benefits

Custom-build & specific process flow which apply, and guideline were set for the call centre representative to achieve holistic customer service journey

Reducing operating cost by optimizing efficiency of people and system

High conversion and growth in Coffee chain business

Maximize the productivity and improve an agent efficiency

Reduce machine resolution down time from 13 hours to 2 hours

The Improved Outcome

The client become one the reputable coffee brand with million of cups.

Increment 24% of sales cup per day.