Wingo Starr Group Cronology


Telecommunication Giants Enriching High Customer Satisfaction Levels



Enhancing Data analytics and migration into IVR data

Improving workforce and contingency management

Ensured inbound service, account inquiries, technical issues, billing and product inquiries


Improved brand excellence and customer loyalty

Reduced average handling time by 23%

Reduced operating cost and time of resolution

Improved Net Promoter Scores

The Client

One of the leading telecommunication company in Malaysia with over:

Telecommunication Subscribers

Business Challenges

The Malaysian market for telecommunication is intensely inviting competition. Therefore, to stay ahead, the service provider need to provide high level of customer satisfaction or maintaining high quality services and in the same time
reducing the service cost. Ever since the launching of Mobile Number Portability in Malaysia, it has severely impacted our clients revenue, margin and operating cost.

Our Solution

After studying our client’s ecosystem and assessing the specific exigencies of the client’s business, we planned customer processes. Our knowledge of analytics and training modules assist us in the Customer Life-cycle Management support for the client’s Pre-paid and Post-paid (GSM) services and broadband. The solutions that were tailored were :

Top-Notch Training Modules

Develop and provides a library knowledge in our portal to ease our connected team. Equip our connected team in an environment where our trainers introduced new members to their roles, specified trainings, monthly skills enhancement and 1 to 1 approach.

24 hours / 7 days call centre
  • Wingo Starr Group served as the first point of contact point for customers facing account inquiries, technical issues, billing and product inquiries.
  • We create a data analysis and plan that helped to cater high call volumes triggered during any interruption of services.We created a capable connected team to create ticketing to our contractors to rectify any technical issues arise.
  • A provision for 20 additional connected team members were made for available for any assistance when necessary.
Top-Notch Training Modules
  • Being aware of and adaption to the client’s needs in a fast pace growing industry environment
  • Initiating Live chat to increase the productivities
  • Facilitating Barge Live Calls
  • Initiating voicemail facilities during any interruption of client’s services
Top-Notch Training Modules

We provide the client with our connected team with multilingual abilities that included English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay. Our Flexibility of Manpower is proficient in multi-channel (voice, e-mail, chat and SMS) communication and languages catered to diverse customers. Our Combination ensured our clients stay above 95% of High Net Promoter Scores and Contributes in creating a brand loyalty.

WSG Services

Responsibility for the service commitments and daily operations that the organization provides for its customers.

Customer call centre services, with a 24 hours / 7 days call centre for , account inquiries, technical issues, billing and product inquiries.

Ticketing and Resolution Services coordinating with the our technical Contractors.

The Improved Outcome

Taylor made and Customized Flow - introduced a multichannel employee experience culture in order to improve customer experience, customer satisfaction, loyalty and connect.

Improved efficiency with Overall Efficiency of Call Centre staff increased by 23%.

Reducing Operating Cost by optimizing efficiency of people and systems.

High Customer Retention Rate of 93%, our agents are able to win back the customers who are ready to port out to other competitors.