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Hotel & Hospitality

Protecting the hotel and hospitality industry with security controls.

The hospitality industry, which holds a wealth of financial and personal information on its clients and practically all of its daily operations is computerized, has the second-highest number of cybersecurity breaches after the retail industry.

Protecting the manufacturing with security controls.

Manufacturing companies were the most susceptible to cyber threats because their computers accounted for about one-third of all attacks. According to a report jointly published by AIG and EEF, over half of the manufacturers have been victims of cybercrime, making the industry the third most targeted sector for attacks.
Secure Payment Data

Protecting your customers' payment data.

A global security standard for the card industry called PCI DSS was developed by five of the largest payment card companies in the world to improve the security of transaction and cardholder data.PCI DSS is a set of regulations designed to assist safeguard the security of electronic payment card transactions that contain the personal identifying information of cardholders.