There are many call center outsourcing companies in the world. They are mostly based in India, the Philippines, and Malaysia. These are English speaking countries, with a low cost of skilled talents.

However, it should be noted that for you to manage these call center companies in these countries, you will have to visit their call centers on-site in person for regular calibration and training. You should consider health, personal safety and ease of entry and exit from these countries.

Malaysia is well known to be a safe country with many multinationals investing in the country over the past 60 years. The standards of English, public health, general safety, and legal recourse is clear, high and acknowledged worldwide. It is also one of the most open and competitive trading nations in the world.

Kuala Lumpur has numerous high-quality broadband and telecommunications service providers providing high-speed international connectivity. With an extremely stable power supply service provider.

Thus Kuala Lumpur is well positioned to support call centers to be outsourced here with experienced call center services companies like Wingo Starr Group, a top call center outsourcing company, preferred by many big companies.

For the outsourcing company, however, call center work is their core operational activity. So it makes sense for them to optimize costs by leveraging their installed base, to provide these services to other companies. The cost of outsourcing call center services is dependent on the scope of work and requirements agreed on.

Call Center Outsourcing Services

Any call center outsourcing company should be able to provide the following services:

Take phone calls orders and do order processing
Have software that can do appointment setting
They offer inbound and outbound call services
Customer service with live chat options
Customer support services with helpdesk options
Lead generation and telemarketing services with CRM software
Able to do cross-selling during inbound or out outbound calls
Able to provide answering services and virtual attendant services
Call Center Outsourcing Technologies

These center operations should have the following technology services including:

CRM software to manage and log customer contact and communications details.
Call monitoring software to record and listen in to agent calls for quality improvement.
Inbound call center services technology such as automatic call distribution and interactive voice response systems.
Outbound call center services technology such as call scripts and knowledge bases with power dialer options.
Credibility of Call Center Outsourcing companies

A good and credible call center will have won awards and testimonials from their clients. Look for these when you interact with these companies.

Wingo Starr has a long list of awards and is recognized as a leader in the outsourcing scene in Malaysia.

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